Incredibly busy day. .. Actually, , incredibly busy week.. No month ! I just figured out that I’m working 11 to 13 hour days right now.. But somehow still liking it.. It’s nice that by Thursday I can smell the weekend …
Today I took a short break dad met my friend Tim for lunch.. Actually it wasn’t really a break. We were talking work. I’m trying to find a way to help Tim and his company stage an Open DTa hackathon in the fall. Open data is a really cool concept where city’s, states, countries.. And companies put useful data out in the world for anyone to use. The idea is that tech savvy folks in the community will find ways to make the data more useful and accessible. Cities like Chicago , San Francisco, NYC, Washington, Helsinki, London, Vienna.. Etc ,etc are putting their data out there . Groups like code for America are turning that data into apps that find parking spaces, plan trips, report potholes, find tax records and other useful stuff. I think that kind of thing would be great for Vermont.. One way to raise interest in the open data you have is to stage a short term app writing contest called a hackathon. .. They’re happening all over the world.. It’s a little like the whole maker thing but in software,, my company is interested in supporting the movement.. So this is like legit work for me. it’s gonna be fun !

One side benefit about meeting with tim was the chance to walk around winos ski in the daylight. It’s such a different place now.. It like a little hipster commune

Ok. Time for bed… More tomorrow
-nite all, nite Sam

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