Argghhhhh.. Once again  I’ve lost my glasses. It’s the third pair I’ve lost.. And these aren’t cheap… I lost the first pair under a ple of debris on The Colony.. The second pair while on a run with gabe in Argentina and this last pair on a trail during a practice hike for our oncoming vacation. .. At least I l one them in fun ways..

I took off after work and went to the place that our optometrist recommended.. It took me an hour to try to find something suitably unfashionable.. I told them I was looking for ‘nerdy professor’.. Seems that’s not a popular style this year

Aside from the agony of picking style, the process was fun and high tech.. They actually use a camera to measure your eye spacing.. How cool is that ?




On my way home from that adventure I heard two interesting pieces on the radio… The first was an interview with Chris Anderson, the creator and lead curator for the TED talks. He wrote a blog post the other day another how email is taking over our lives… He told a familiar story about people’s lives being overtaken by their inbox.. I know that happens for me.. Is spend several hours a day battling mine. He said soemthing that stuck with me.. That an email inbox was like a todo list for you that anyone can add to. Very very true. Anderson suggests the10 rules that he developed to combat the email scourge based on crowd sourced input .. Check them out here I’d ask you what you thought of them..but that breaks one of his simple rules (no open ended questions 🙂

The othe news particle that hit me and saddened me ws learning that Jonah Lehrer, the author of the book on creativity called ‘Imagine.’ just resigned form the ny times after he admitted making p quotes about bob Dylan in his book…. What saddened me is that the book is full of good insights… And the author is a talented guy. these simple lies have caused this guys career to evaporate and his work to be discounted. Very sad…interesting to imagine what posses him to make stuff p..and interesting to hear how folks react…

Ok.. Time for bed.. O actually.. Time for latest guilty pleasure of an episode of ‘breaking bad’ … I love th e show.. A nerdy professor type gets to mess with chemicals… What’s not to low about that..

Night all, night Sam


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