Too lazy to get off the couch so I’m trying to blog on my phone . The phones misspelling on top of my own may make the unreadable ( or more readable ?). I had another packed day… But I had to stop at 5, herb called from the haunted forest because they were having trouble with project X, the pumpkin robot . Evidently it got banged up on the way back from makerfaire and it’s head got knocked completely off. They screwed it back on but the 8 or so wires that run the creatures mouth and eyes didn’t fair that well. Surprisingly , things were not as bad as I thought. I found a couple of broken connections in the audio path to the arduino that works the mouth and eyes…. And a loose connection in the power supply to the radio receiver Nd two arduinos that control the pneumatic servos that work his arms . In 30 mon herb and I had him working again This is the big guys 4th year… Or is it 5th ? This is well past his warranty 🙂

Ok … Got a work. All now. More tomorrow

Nite all, nite Sam

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