woke up the last two days to no hot water in the hotel.. .. good news.. is once you’re in the shower.. your AWAKE !


very busy day here in munich.. lots goign on.   did get to catch up a bit with Sherri


afterwards two dinners.. first dinner with our residents who are heading home (and saw this cool max, sa , gabe) license plate outsde the resturant) 


camila gave me her selfie stick !


hen dinner number 2 with AKQA freinds jesus and these cool guys from Uruguay !



I had a salad with delicious huge capers !


nice walk home 


one my way home I noticed it was only 11:30 .. so I dropped back in work to hlp my frineds from boulder on their project .. 


got hoe after 1.. 


time for sleep !

more tomorrow, nite all. nite sam


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