First a quick apology.. I was so sleepy last night that when I sat down to blog last night around 10:30 I shut my eyes for a second.. and the next thing I knew it was morning >  Actually the sleep  was just what I’d needed ..I only had about 4 hours of broken sleep the night before. I was (as always) nervous about the  talk I was giving the next mrning

My talk went fine… it turns out I was really glad to have been invited.. to this event:  the Amphion Forum. It was a very interesting gathering of folks concerned about security in the internet of things space.This cross section of people doesn’t usually get togehter, so it was really interesting heargng what was on folks minds. .. especially scince there were some petty high level peeps there. E.g.  the guy on the left, Ton,  runs Intel’s embedded Atom business… The forth guy from the left is one of the CTO’s of Google, the guy nest to him, Whit just won the IEEE Hamming Award.. and Rich to his left is the CEO of Freescale.

One of the hilights of the day for me was getting to meet and hang out with Ira Winkler.   he’s a security wonk… he gave keynotes at several of the last DEF CON hacker conventions. It was like meeting the mick jagger of the white hat hacker community.. (and he’s a big colony fan !)

Here’s Ira with Hugh Thompsen.. another senior security wonk.. and a very funny man.. It was a really nice geekfest

I didn’t get out of the Amphion meeting in time to do much else with my day.. I got lost driving aroudn Vegas.. but the time I got to CES, it was shutting down for the day. I’m taking that on today. I wasn’t too sad.. I was pretty burned out. I did run in to my freind Mike who I used to work with when I leived in England.. and in Vermont. It was great catching up with him and his son..


I went back to the Cosmopolitan and met up with My friend David and his friend Susan and we had a really nice Sushi dinner. It was great hanging outwith them.

I left there about 10, drove to my friend Jeff and Michelle’s’ house. They are kindly letting me borrow their secret lair.. though they are out of town. They are really wonderful peope.. I wish they were here to hang out with. .. and theyhave the most amazing place.. More on that tonight.

I gotta run off to the conference now. More later !

nite all, nite sam