Note.. This is my first attempt to post to my new blog home..

Please get me comments about this new site..  Note the RSS feed button is on the upper right.. There’s also a share button at the bottom should you want to share any of this (though I can’t think why you’d want to do that . )

Greetings from Max’s boat.. I’m down for a set of meetings in NY today and tomorrow.  Today was  a very good and productive day.. I gave a talk this morning which went well enough.    The best part was getting to talk to a bunch of friends afterward. One of them was my friend Bill..   I’ve actually never met him face to face, but we talked quite a few times in the past year and a half. Bill’s daughter Lizzy passed away unexpectedly about a year and a half ago. I reached out to him shortly after that.. Talking has been helpful to us both. We spent about 40 minutes hanging out in the bright sunshine and catching up.. it was great. My friend Kevin W came by and snapped this pic for us.

Next stop was a visit to my old boss John..   Gae and Chris had helped me make a present for him..A stone with one of his favorite expressions ‘Family Discussion’ etched into it. He loved it.. (especially when he learned that the marble used ot be a sperator between urinals)   We had a great talk.. I just wanted to thank him for all the stuff he’s done for me over the past tough 4 years. He’s a good guy..

I then had a unch of phoen meetings.. I ended up parking next to a hotel and ‘borrowing’ some of there internet as I worked and talked for a few hours.

Around 6 I met up with my really good friends Kevin  (another old boss) and Betsy. We had a really great time tlaking aout family, travel, kids, and music. Kevin surprised me with an amazing home made box set collection of the history of ‘electronica’.. it was an unexpected and much appreciated surprise. He’s turned me on to so much cool music over the years.. .

Now I’m on the boat with Max..   I love it here.. though it’s not for everyone . Here’s the temperature in the room I’m using tonight..

brisk !

OK.. that’s it for tonight.. hope this new blog format works !  Feedback most welcome

nite all.. nite sam !