Greetings from the boat in Brooklyn.. I drove down here today for a meeting tomorrow. Max and I are sitting here doing our homework at 2:30 in the morning.. just like old times..

Interesting and busy day.. It all started with me waking up before 6 and finding my glasses broken.. I’d slept on them, I suppose. A screw had worked is way loose and one of the lenses was out.  Hmmm.. Without my glasses  I can’t see anything closer than New Hampshire.. Miraculously I was able to feel around and find the very tiny screw.. I managed to grope my way down to the lab and find a jewelers loupe so I could see.. then a micro screwdriver and a set of ultra sharp tweezers.. THankfully I was  able to reassemble them…..

Nice to have my first project for the day done y 7..

I had a busy day at work.. left around 1.. then drove dwon through ice and snow to NY.. I stopped for an hour or so and Ruchir and Rashi’s lovely holdiay party.. then met up with my good freind glehhhhhhhhhn who’s in visiting from australia.. very. good catching up with him.

The roads were really terrible coming down from the north.. so it took me an hour to go the 38 miles to maxes..

Now I’m here  and falling asleep as  type..

THat was my day..

I do have some pictures of the evil snowman that Gabe and I made yesterday.. The thing was bigger than both of us. We needed to use a ramp to get the middle up there.

Gabe’s idea… 🙂

He had this cool idea for making our snowman really different at night.. check this out..

OK.. gotta sleep now.. More tomorrow !

nite all, nite sam