Hello friends, I’m finally sitting down after a long day at the consumer electronics show (CES). CES is the biggest convention of geeks and gadgets in the world. It’s even big by vegas standards. I was basically hiking at a moderately fast pace from 9 am until 6 PM with only a few breaks to talk to people.. The funny thing aotu this show is htat it’s not my industry.. when I typically go to a conference, I spend a ton of time talkign to folks I know. Here I only ran into a few folks I new….. which was both refreshing and a little lonely.
I had a really good time checking out the stuff here.. everything form car audio to pocket knives, from flat screen TV’s to wind generators. >.. All in all, though . I came away with the feeling.. ‘Who needs all this stuff’ . We really do consume so much in the world.
I took a bucnh of pictures.. but they don’t really convey the frenteic and croded environment of the place.. Instead of commentign on each one.. I think I’m going to try it as a slideshow. Hpe it gives you a sense of the insanity…
OK.. I’m having trouble staying awake (again).. etter hit send..
Night everyone.. nite sam