12L30 and I’m just back from my annual pilgrimage to the Governors Institute of Vermont (GIV)   engineering summer camp   .. Every year I do a show.. for them.. and every year I feel good that there are so many geeks and geekettes in the land. This year’s crop was particularly wonderful and geeky.   !

Today was a pretty cool and historic day for the GIV.   Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin came there and annonced that any Vermont student who goes to enginnering school.. then moves back to Vermont will get a 1.5K$ per year payement against their student loans for 5 years.. that’s 7.5K$ of npo-strings debt releif if you choose to coem back to Vermont with an engineering degree. How cool is that ?!?!?


one casualty of the night was te door to my building.. as I rushed out of the buuilding with my gear loaded on my go-cart.. I miscalculate on my speed and rammed the door. I’m used to having an automatic opening handycap door which swings out of the way as I come through. This building has no such convenience.. As a  consequene.. I tapped the door hard enought to.. welll.. take a look..   I felt SO bad.  I’ve offered to pay to have it fixed.. we’ll see..



d-oh !


OK.. it’s past 12:30./ time to sleep.. more tomorrow..

nite all, nte sam