So.. As folks following this blog may remember, I’ve been trying to finish up a new tesla coil.. This one will eventually be able to play music, run on 120V, 220V or 12v car batteries. It’s turning out to be a very. very complicated build.. the toughest thing I think I’ve ever built (except perhaps, our kids) .. I’ve had a bunch of missteps on the way.. I’ve blown out diodes, transient suppressors, capacitors… luckily, nothing more expensive than 17 bucks .. Anyway.. today.. it all started to work.. beautiful long blue sparks, a deep throaty roar as I turned up the juice.. I reached for my camera.. Oh.. shoot.. I dropped it on my hike up Camels Hump this Wednesday.. so  grabbed the only camera I had.. my droid..    Now.. electronics and high voltage don’t really mix very well.. event though I was 2 meters away, my droid camera started going completely crazy as I tried to photograph the spark.. I thought I got a couple of movies.. but then the screen started to freak out.. Now as I sit to enter this blog.. I realize I fried my phone.. all the videos and pictures are gone.. ad the camera app is flipping out completely.  The fields that a tesla coil put out can mess with electronics.. over the years I’ve managed to fry a variety of cordless phones, garage door openers, alarm systems, light dimmers.. but .. until tonight.. never a cell phone..

.. So.. I count that failure as a success..

Now.. if only I could revive my phone..

note all, note sam