Gabe had a tough choice to make.. he had to be two places at once tonight.. He had to choose between the last night of night riders.. or he had to go to school for a history event . He chose the latter .. At the event, the kids all had to dress up as the person that they had written their history paper on.   Then the parents had to guess who was who. Gabe went as…… (can you guess ?)

He came as Einstein. .. the top other  two guesses were either mark twain…

or me 🙂

Kristin was Oparah

david was thoreau

and these girls were the spice girls…

I’m always happy to see the picture of our house on the mural  at the school

As soon as the history event was done i zoomed back to Bolton to catch the awards ceremony at the last night riders event.

Every year we give out an award in Sam’s name to recognize the skier or rider who most embodies the spirit of . fun and love of the mountain that Sam had.

This year it was won by Quinn.. I got to make the presentation.. It was fun and sad for me at the same time.

Sam so loved the program at night riders

I noticed that Marjorie was wearing a sam pin.. it was a nice sign..

OK.. I’m really fried .. gotta got to sleep..

more tomorrow..

nite all, nite sam