Diane always reminds me.. days aren’t ‘good’ or ‘bad’.. they are just days.. even so.. today felt more ‘good’ than the last two . Got lots done.. even had time for lunch.. now thta’s a lucury.  The high point of the day was the ad-hoc party at the house tonight. Scot’s folks came over, making about 15 for dinner.. pot luck with tons of good food. Diane Deb and I are still doing the ‘vegan’ thing. ..   which is surprisingly fun. It makes you very conscious of what you’re eating. I’ll do it for another couple of weeks. I’ve done it for about a month for the last couple of years after new years.. it’s a nice purge…

I tried to take pictures of the good times tonight.. but my camera is in a snowbank somewhere halfway up camels hump.  don’ know why my cell phone take such lousy pictures..

man.. I’m sleepy.. time for bed. more tomorrow..

nite folks.. nite sam