Three times over the last week.. no.. make that four times.. the key fairy struck.. On Monday I was using my friend D’s office .. he walked out while I was on the phone. I left and closed his door.. at the click I had a brief thought.. ‘did he have his key ?’ …he didn’t.. next day I went down to a 7:30 AM meeting in Burlington.. I got to work at 9AM.. reached in my pocket.. no key.. Argh.. I drove home and worked there for the day.. Wednesday, Max drove me to work. He’s in town doing a filming gig.. I wanted to lend him a car.. He worked through the day.. at nightfall, we’d gotten about a foot of snow.. . The town issued a snow emergency and he got parked in.. Blocked by several cars. Unfortunately, we needed the car the next morning, so he had to knock on doors until he found the owners of the cars that were blocking his path.. in the course of moving them, the door closed on one of the cars,¬† locking¬† the keys inside…. AAA had to come and help them out. Yesterday, Max took me to work again. He dropped me at the door of my work. I walked in to my job and got in to the first of my endless phonecalls.. about an hor later, I realized I still had the key to the car in my pocket. the Prius’s key works wirelessly.. When I got out of the car to go to work, max was able to drive away.. As soon as he stopped the car in Burlington. though.. the car wouldn’t restart.. Diane came and bailed him out

The message for the work.. focus is key

nite all, nite sam