Greetings fro Max’s ‘house’ . Diane, Gabe and I are down here visiting .. we’re also going to go to Makerfaire tomorrow. ( I’m so excited. ) It’s great seeing Max and his roommates..  The place looks great.

On the way down. Diane and I stopped briefly at a pre-maikersfaire party .. to say hi to my friend Dale . He started Make magazine.. and makersfaire. For that .. and because he’s just a genuinely  wonderful guy.. he’s one of my all time heros.. Her’s dale and two freinds from the pre-party.

We dodn’t stay long because we wanted to get to Max’s .   We came iwth a carload of food for hi and his roomates.. always welcome.

As we unloaded, the neighborhood raccoons helped themselves to the garbage bin next door. very cute..

inside the place looked great.. Here are Marian and Christian .

Gabe and Max.. and freinds bruces homemade wooden turtle helmet.. it’s for bike riding !

Diane and I are sleepong on Max’s roof tonight.. Here’s our camp !

OK.. 1:30 time for bed.. More from Max’s and makerfaire tomorrow.
nite all, nite sam