Today I worked at home. I managed to catch a low grade  fever on my trip .. so I’ve been enjoying laying low today as I worked. The low pace of the day was a nice contrast to the fun but hectic pace of last week.   One of the things I had to do today was to think up a new title.. While I haven’t said it explicitly here, many of you  have probably figured out that I have a new job.   It’s only the 4th I’ve actually  had in more than 30 years of work..   As of 2 weeks ago I’m now in IBM’s Corporate Strategy group.. and I’m very excited about it. I have never used this blog to discuss my work..This blog is about my life.. but like most people, my work and life are pretty intertwined. So, while I won’t discuss what my new job entails exactly, it probably won’t surprise you that a job that involves exposure   to lots of new and interesting problems sounds very good to me.    You, gentle reader, will get to accompany me on this new job..

Wish me luck !

nite all, nite sam