Howdy from the 19th floor of the Billagio in Las Vegas Nevada.. i’m out here for a conference.. which should be fun.. but it did cause me to miss our younger dog Satori’s birthday party !  Gabe and Diane made her a ‘cake’ out of scrambled eggs and cheese..

She just turned 3.. and she’s a really wonderful friend and companion. Her actual birthday was yesterday.. but we kind of spaced out on that. Satori .. which means ‘sudden enlightenment ‘ in Japonese… is a labradoodle-poodle mix… sort of a labrodoodledoodle.. She’s endlessly playful. and very loving.  If you’re in the room. Satori is by your side.. usually with a toy..  She’s a good.. if somewhat pesky little sister to our older dog Chai.. Over the years they’ve become quite close.. I now find them playing together pretty often..  Satori and her sister have been such good warm and loving presenses in our lives..

Happy birthday girl !

Aside from Satoris birthday.. today was pretty uneventful.. an insanely busy work day.. follwed by a loooooong

cross country trip.. Las Vegas is always an interesting assault on the senses.. I’m a lover of Neon.. so that’s one major draw for me.. Here’s a quick impression of the lights on the strip..

I love this place for it’s glitz..

but.. it’s really not for me..

more tomorrow from here..

nte all, nite sam