What was I thinking ?!?

I went running this morning in my five fingers ‘barefoot’ shoes.. it was about 16 degrees out.. which isn’t really cold for this time of year.. I tried to run the trail, but the snow concealed a deep layer of pitted ice that was too treacherous.. because the snow concealed the terrain.. both the dogs and I gave up on that pretty quickly.. So we opted for a road run.. It wasn’t that cold or uncomfortable. to me.. but the dogs seemed to be having trouble with it. I turned around to find Chai running behind me alternately lifting her back paws to keep them off the road, so I turned around.. My feet were cold.. but.. my feet are always cold.. I got home, took off my shes and hit the shower.. it was then I realized I might have done something stupid. The forth toe on both of my feet (the one that ‘had none’ in the this little piggy chant).. was numb.. .. as the warm water thawed them out they began to ache like crazy.. .. That usually happens when my feet or fingers thaw.. but this time, it didn’t go away.. long story short, I think I frostbit both of them.. . I’ve done it before.. and that makes it easier to happen again..It’s now about 7PM and they still hurt.. .. but. in a good way. . they are rosy and pink.. no signs of real damage..

but.. I just want to say publicly…

I’m a moron….

Hope youre tootsie are nice an warm

nite folks, nite sam