You know it’s the time of the year for heartwarming stories of small  miracles.. Well, one happened to me today.

Yesterday, Diane and Deb decided to clean one of our cupboards. Like many folks, we have tons of botlles and bags of spices htat have been hanging around in there forever. Deb uncovered two bags of my favorite spice: Zatar.. it’s a middle eastern specialty  made with thyme, sesame seeds, summac buds and salt. You mix it with olive oil and dip pita in it.. or drizzle it over bread and roast it.. So yummy.. I love it so much that I adopted it as my stage name when I do science shows (‘Dr. Zatar .. the mad engineer !).,because I was tired of people calling me Mr. Cohn (Mr Cohn is my dad !)  .. I even used to tell all three kids crazy  bedtime stories with me as Zatar, Max as baby Zatar, Sam as baby Rataz and Gabe as baby Tazar..

I even have it on my license plate !

Anyway.. there were two bags of the stuff I’d gotten from who knows where ..   I was all set to make zatar bread for everyone when Diane pointed out that there were spider webs in both bags..   Sadly, I had to throw them out..

.. but today.. I had my little zatar miracle. Friend Betsy showed up for 6 PM yoga with the cutest bottle of zatar for me.. She didn’t know what it was for.. but she knew I liked the name.. and saw it in a store in boston..

We need to take our miracles where we can find them 🙂

nite everyone, nite sam


ps. Last night Devon and I made a homopolar (ie. no cummutation) motor because he’d seen one on youtube. it’s made out of a D battery, a very strong magnet, a peice of copper wire and a piece of foil.. So simple and so cool Nice !