I made it to another Friday ! Actually it was a short week with Sam/memorial day but somehow I am just pooped .. I was so glad to knock off for the day and go see gabes teams last (it turned out) lacrosse playoff game.. Hey caught valiantly but lost.. But lost well… It’s been a great season for gabe and for the team
Now back home trying to unwind. . I can remember many times of my life where I worked harder.. But something about how full my days are now is particularly exhausting and exhilarating. I’m trying a new experiment by working at home most of the time… I work in the bell tower which is a really great place to concentrate.. Theres a great view, good breezes.. And no distractions.. Just four walls, 7 windows a floor and a roof..and a chair the rooms About 8 feet on a side.. My own little work world. If it had plumbing, I’d never have to come downstairs…and I rarely do.. This past week there have been days when I went up there at 8 and came down at 6 with only one trip down for food/drink etc… It’s the kind of place a poet should work.. Or an artist…. Not necessarily the kind of place made fore a technocrat (if that’s what I am)… But I love my life up there.







Ok.. It’s a weekend. Time for bed.
Nite all, nite Sam

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