We’re back home from our two part vacation.. both ends were very good. We left sherborn about 6:30 this morning and i worked most of the way home in the car. By noon I was completely up to my neck in work again. but it was so good to get away !

I know I posted some of these pictures from our visit to my folks yesterday, but that was from my phone standing on a street corner in downtown boston at 1 AM. Let me try again with a little more commentary


Here I am wiht bro-i n-law John L and my nephew Jake !

my kids taking over the job of terrorizing my sister.

my nephew theo went in to my bag an pulled out my cell phone jammer (yes, I have a cell phone jammer) and started walking around the house with it.. within minutes everyone was disconnected.. it was so funny.. both o see what happened.. and to see how dependent on connectivity we all were even though we were all on vacation !

here’s a version of the family picture process.. i’ll bet it was fun to watch


note the shirts that ma had made


ma and pa

dinner time was a sweet chaos..

the guests of honor

then the birthday boy got to blow out the candles..

which was pretty exhausting for him.. he was a sleep a few minutes later 🙂

e and my sib’s

niece ellery looking ethereal

max brought a 3 year old barly wine from our freind Alex for us to share

I dropped him at the us at midnight .. then headed back for 4 hours or so of sleep

I worked hard today trying o catch up from being out.. Around 7, Ivy and Tim came over. Ivy is anoteher hooper she wanted to make a simple LED hoop (not computer controlled)  it was her first time soldering and boy was she good at it !

we sinfed around 10:30 .. The finished product was GREAT !

ok.. I’m still working on 4 hours sleep, so I’ll end here.. more tomorrow..

nite all, nite sam


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