I’m at south station in Boston after just having dropped max off. He’s off for a nighttime trip back to Brooklyn. Heading back to my folks house now for a couple of hours sleep before we head home early tomorrow morning.its been a good trip and the end of a good vacation
Lots of hanging out with family today…. 18 of all in the same house… 19 if you count Sam who was so much there in our thoughts. We spent the day all getting re-used to each other and catching up. It felt good.
Tonight we celebrated dads 82nd birthday. His actual birthday isn’t for most than a week… But we were All together so why the heck not ?!
We had a big lobster dinner., then we all took turns telling dad what he meant to us. The common themes we heard were his love of others, his support of us, his advise to find what you love doing and do it… And his unfailing good nature. What a guy . I hope it meant as much to him as it did to all of us . We love you pa !










Ok , no good typing on my phone after midnight on a deserted street in downtown Boston. More tomorrow from home

Note all, note Sam

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