Long hard day of work.. was just wrapping up when Diane called me outside.. she wanted me to see something.. .. but she wanted it to be a surprise.. She walked us (dogs too) across into the field across the street to where the field hist the river.. This is what she wanted to show me.. .. she wanted to make sure I saw it .. because one more night of gnawing and this might topple over. We’ve had beavers here for years.. but I don’t ever recall seeing them this close to finishing off such big tree. The chewing was fresh today.. it’s so amazing to watch this happen.. even more amazing to wonder what they will do when they bring down a tree that weighs several tons. How do they do it without talking.. how do they do it without getting smooshed ?

the area is covered with fresh stumps.. they must be reading their den for winter.

it was nice being outside.. I hadn’t been out since my run early this am.. there are still a few leaves turning up on the hill.. the house looked cool in front of them.

ok.. gotta go do some recreational programming to relax..

nite all, nite sam



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