Just back from a long drive down an back to armonk and nyc. I packed a lo in.. Meetings, inner with k, seeing jim, programming with ma, amping on the roof of the boat, breakfast/work meeting with j, more meetings then a long drive home. All though the last two days I’ve been hearing on the radio about the freak predicted convergence of hurricane sandy and with another weather system..( High pressure something or others ). They’re actually calling it ‘frankenstorm’.. The possibility make it look bad for the east coast.. They’re predicting rain, high winds, power outages, .I have even received warning text messages from stitcher and our school system’s emergency management system .. All this for something that may or may not happen sometime next week.. It would be pretty cool if it didn’t sound so scary.. After what happened last year with irene up here and a few weeks after to Diane’s folks house, I’m paying close attention to this…theres a lot of waiting before then and now… Hope it doesn’t manifest as bad as some of these predictions …

We’ll just have to watch

Nite all, nite sam

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