Long day. drove down to NY for a set of meetings..then in the evening, met freind Kevin at Helen Hayes rehab to visit our freind Jim. He was sleepign when we got there… so Kevin and I wnet out for dinner. When we got back,. jim was awake.. He was looking good, restless and talking softly He still can’t communicate very well.. but he could answer questions…”jim how tall is your son” ‘6 4″.. I put on some music I know he likes (Tears for Fears ‘mad world” ) and he started singing along. he’s in there.. just having trouble still getting out. We sat with him for about an hour.. then Kevin headed north.. and I headed south to the boat.
It’s great seeing Max and Jac.. Max and I worked on his Halloween costum.. like all of our costumes.. it involves blinking lights..
I love working with my kids…

nite all, nite sam

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