It’s Oct 30th.. Cabbage night.. time for mischief.. No real mischief today, though.  The storm really missed us last night. All the schools were closed ..because of expected bad weather but the sun was out  a large part of the day. The big event was that Gabe used his hurricane induced day off from school to get the tattoo he’s wanted forever as a tribute to his brother. He’s given this a ton of thought.. he decided to use the Mayan glyphs that spell sam’s name.  Im proud that he’s chosen to honor his brothers memory in this way..   He had good morale support today.. Raya and Marcello were there to help.. (as was I) ..

he said it didn’t hurt much..

Sam wore those same symbols on a cartouche around his neck..

now Diane, Gabe and I wear those same symbols around our neck..


It’s also on the tribute rock in our garden.

You’re a good kid Gabe Cohn..! I love you very much..

nite all, nite sam


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