Greetings from a snowbank at the Syracuse airport. I’m up here waiting for Gabe’s plane to arrive from Jackson hole.

Both boys are in for Marcia’s funeral tomorrow. It will be nice being together even for such a sad event. More of Diane’s family Came in today… We have quite a houseful at Marcia’s . Lots of food lots of stories… It’s been pretty fun.

Today we went to the funeral place… Got to say goodbye to Marcia. It is so surreal to see someone that you knew and loved not moving like that. Somehow I think it helps. It makes it “real”…

There we went to Staples to copy the programs for the actual funeral tomorrow. It was so strange being in those two very different places within the space of a half an hour.

OK… Gabe’s plane is landing any minute. More tomorrow

– me


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