59, 59.. i’m in my prime .. 59 is a prime number.. and I was born in 1959

mystical connoatiions ? .. who knows.. all I know is that we had a really wonderful ay here in Stinson beach with john, lauren, and andrew.. and great , great thanks foto our friends Peter and Megan for their amazing kindness and the  use of their wonderful house here in stinson..


this place is really, wonderful.. .. hot tub , overlookign the lagoon,  tidal estuary on teh other side. 

I wore my birthday suit in the tub.. in honor of my birthday.. I’ll spare you the piuctures.. but here I am in my birthday socks !


around 9:30  we portages the conoe and kayaks over to the esturary and headed towards the inlet.. the tide was going out, so the water was gettign pretty shallow .. 


we saw beutiful egrets, herons.. and soee other birds.. and a couple of large and beutiful seals.. that refused to be photogrrphed well 


we pulled out just before the tidal current was ready to pull us out into the surf.. 


we wenet for a nice mile or so walk on the beach.. lookign for sewa glass and sand dollars 


on the way back, the tide was still goign out.. so we had to fight the current to get to the boat ramp.. and portage back into the protected lagoon . 


we got howe around 11:30 to find Andrew there.. eh’d biked over from Mill Valley .. thats over mt tam.. amazing !.

we all went out for a birthday lunch at Parkside.. .. really yummy… 


then andrew took us up Mt Tam where we hiked back aroudn on the costal traill 


here’s lookign down on Stinson and dipsea where we’re staying. 


last stop was the mountian amitheater.. where every year a group puts on  a musical in the .. the stone amitheater was built by teh WPA in the 30’s.. it seats 3000 people !


aroudn 4L30, Andrew had to head out.. so he got on his bike and headed down to mill vlaey, whuile we drove back to stinson. 



we jusmped in the ot tub again and drank beer..


it doesn’t get better than this for a birthday !


oh wait.. yes it does.. we all cokked together and made burritos. 


and brownie sundays as a birthday cake !


really lovely day.. happy to spend it with Diane and our good freinds.. 


thanks to everyoen who reached out oin txt, facebook and email.

i’m proud to say I did a pretty good jobv of staying off of screens today..

in that spirit.. I’ll sign off now..


feeling grateful to be surrounded by all this love


nite all. nite sam


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