Ok.. im kinda in shock.. diane and I just finished watching a show.. Madmen… 7 seasons..  end to end.  Now were done.. what do we do ?,?,

i gotta say .. its only the 2nd tv show I’ve watched end to end in my grown up life ( he other was breaking bad)

 im am bill lost .. I got so involved in the story that I cant quite let go.. madmen was my childhood 

My dayd worked as a madmen in the 50s and 60s.. he worked at ag ncies lke mcCann and gerstner .. henhed 4 martini lunches ,,my mom used to take us to dobbs ferry to pick him up..

this show reminds me about facts  around my childhood in ardsley ny.. that I never knew

i remeber enough.. 

he had 3 martini lunches

he loved us my dad was SO happy to hang out with us and let off steam ., he loved our westchester suburban life

He created things…

he shaped (then) modern culture

 my dad was Don draper…

actually he was Harry Crane… the media tv guy.. but I didnt like harry all that much.. my dad was admerable.. he had values

im a product of all that.. I remember the ads  .. I appreciate them 


watchingnthisnshiw helped me.

the righting was amazing…

it caotured the age..,

it caotured my youth

It was tru, fun and uncomfortable 

I loved it



nite all, nite sam,



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