Greetings from Munich . Had a very quiet, slow day here.. went for a good run.. then at 3  my very good friend Rafe came by with his former post-grad Tatiana. Rafe ..who was my college suite-mate.. and one of my oldest and closest friends.. is visiting for a math conference.. and Tatiana came up from Austria to spend a few hours with him. 

I took them by t see my work.. 


we got Tatiana to her train..t he rae and I spent the rest of the day hangin out in bars, eating and drinking..   it was so good catching up 


we ended up downtown strolling around Mariensplatz


last stop was the Hoffbrau house… it was so humid in there. that our glasses instantly fogged.. up

just dropped  rafe of at his hotel.. he leaves for the  US early tomorrow morning.. I e;ave for Karlshwru tomorrow as well

more from there !


nite all. nite sam


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