Got our taxes mailed out today.. .. that felt good.. I know folks think we have high taxes but living part time in other coutries makes me realize we don’t have it that bad. 


we took the rest of the day pretty easy. we did a 5.5 mile loop up in honey hollow.   we wenrt sure if we still needed crampons.. glad we took them.. not much snow at the start.. but still deep snow and lots of ice at the top.. more snow coming tonight.. its all white outside now.. with ice on the roads. 


fun to see creature tracks.. liek this wild turkey 

just for reference.. thats a big bird !


the woods roads are going to need soem cleanup before spring


crazily.. e rean into my good feind John Y out in the woods.. it’s crazy because last I knew, he was living in Peru.. 

he’s back in Vermont now.. .. and he’s still tall.. took this picture on purpose, just to show his height 

JOhn came by the house later which was nice


We were going to go out and meet gabe to here his freinds ‘ band. but the ice storm tonight is keepign us inside. 

we’ll see him tomorrow


now time for sleep.. nite all, nite sam



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