SPent the day dodgig the weather. April 15 and its snowing and blowing like crazy here !

Managed to get out wiht the girls for a walk on the river shore.. Noticed thta my old warn glove looks liek an angry turtle.. how cool is that ? 




Very cool to see snow still on the river.. .. spring cant be THAT far away.. can it ? 


the big work of the day was to clean the ‘old lab’. This is the small room that is off our living room. It used to be a kitchen.., a pottery studio, evne a bedroom for our friend Doug.. but we still call it the ‘old lab’ becuae I kept all my electronics and chemistry stuff in there.. Eventually I had too much dangerous stuff in there .. so I built  the ‘new lab’ underneath the yoga studio in the garage.

Here’s what the old lab looked like this morning 



we through a ton of stuff out, set aside a huge amonet to give away.. and took all the left over paint into the garage and opened it to dry..so we  could take it to the hazardous waster depot


kinda prettyl no ? 


I managed to jam a screwdriver into my hand openign one of those cans.. ouch !


we found many treasures as we cleaned.. liek these school race ribbons from sam



and my old number 4 piston from Maggie , my old 71 vw camper.. it overheated and dropped a valve top.. which is still embedded in the piston. how cool is that ? 


I foudn one of my note packs from the old science enrichment class Diane and I taught in the kids elementary school after school 


I foudn a bunch of old electronics things.. like a ttls sequencer from the early 1980s.. must have bene some sort of led thing I was making. 


and one of my first LED hats.. .. msut have been mid 80’s because of the green leds 


around 5:30 we broke and went and picked up Gabe for an early dinner at Pho Dang.. yum. !


then went home and finsihed cleaning ! 


that feels liek an accomplishment !


ok.. gotta sleep now. more tomorrow.

nite all. nite sam



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